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How to generate a shopify business name with AI

Stop wasting hours searching or brainstorming for a business name. Our AI instantly generates unique, memorable names that reflects what you’re selling.

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Once you've generated your copy, our tool will produce some unique variations for you to choose from. Simply choose the one you like best, edit it and use it however you like.

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Find the perfect name for your Shopify store in minutes

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Save hours of brainstorming

Our AI provides you with targeted suggestions that fit your brand and industry. Skip the ideation and get straight to picking a name that best suits your Shopify store.

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Our AI suggests unique names that give your Shopify store the edge it needs to attract customers.

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Make the right impression

A great business name captures your brand personality and vision in a memorable way. Our AI considers trends and tones to produce just the right option for you.

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Shopify Business Name Ideas: How AI Can Help You Brainstorm

Looking for the perfect name for your Shopify store can feel like an impossible task. There are so many options and so much competition, that it's hard to land on something memorable, relevant, and available. Thankfully, artificial intelligence can now help with this brainstorming process, generating thousands of potential business names in seconds based on your brand goals and niche.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Shopify Business Name

Choosing a business name is a key first step for any new Shopify store and it's important to get it right. A good name can position your brand, attract customers, and help your business succeed over the long term.

When brainstorming names, AI tools can generate hundreds of creative, unique name ideas that meet important criteria. This saves you time and expands your thinking beyond the obvious.

Once you land on a great Shopify business name that checks all the boxes, you can shift your focus to crafting a stellar brand identity and connecting with customers. The right AI tool paves the way by expanding your naming possibilities exponentially.

How to Use AI to Generate Shopify Business Name Ideas

As an entrepreneur, coming up with the perfect business name can be a challenge. Fortunately, AI tools like online business name generators can help you brainstorm a ton of name options in seconds. Here's how to use AI  to create great Shopify business names:

  • Start by thinking about your brand identity and ideal customer. What words describe your products or services? What emotions do you want to evoke? What values do you stand for? These can spark good name ideas.
  • Next, input a few keywords and use terms related to your industry, products, brand identity, and target market. Let the tool churn out hundreds of name suggestions.
  • Review the AI-generated names. Look for options that stand out, describe your business well, are memorable and easy to spell, and aren't already trademarked. It's like virtual brainstorming - you still have to evaluate the results.

Evaluating and Selecting the Best Shopify Business Names

Brainstorming Shopify business names using AI can generate dozens of ideas. However, not all of them will be ideal for your brand. You will need to evaluate the options and select the best ones. Here are some tips for choosing a winner:

  • Make sure it is available as a domain name ( Try GoDaddy or other domain registrars to check.
  • Say it out loud. How does it sound? Is it easy to remember and spell? You want a name that flows and feels right.
  • Does the name communicate your brand message? Think about what your business is about and the emotion you want to convey.
  • Will the name age well over time as your business evolves? Pick something versatile enough to grow with you.
  • Consider legal protections and searchability. Do a trademark search and Google the name to see what else comes up.
  • Get feedback from others, especially your target audience. See what options resonate the most.
  • Trust your gut. Which names make you the most excited about your business? Capture that enthusiasm in your branding.

Once you’ve evaluated the AI name ideas and selected some top contenders, take a little time to envision your brand with each option. Picture your logo, website, packaging, and other branding elements. The name that sparks inspiration for bringing your whole concept to life is likely the winner.

With an awesome Shopify business name that conveys your brand essence and makes a memorable first impression, you’ll be off to a great start in your ecommerce journey!


AI tools can definitely give your creative juices a jump start when trying to name your Shopify biz. Don't expect them to do all the heavy lifting though. You still need to put on your thinking cap and assess if their suggestions really vibe with your brand identity and values. But used wisely, these AI brainstorming assistants could help you discover some naming possibilities you may never have thought of otherwise. Then you can get to the fun part - shortlisting the keepers and mixing and matching components to find that perfect moniker. Happy brainstorming!

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