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Craft the Perfect Listing Description With Hypotenuse AI

You know how hard it can be to write a listing description that really sells your property. Coming up with just the right words and phrasing to make someone fall in love with a place they’ve never even seen can feel like an impossible task. But what if AI could analyze your  generate an optimized listing description tailored just for your property? With Hypotenuse AI, that’s exactly what you get.  With just a few clicks, you can have an AI-generated listing description that’s customized for your listing and proven to boost visibility and get more showings. The days of agonizing over every word in your listing description are over. Let Hypotenuse AI’s do the work for you so you can spend less time writing and more time selling.

The Importance of Well-Written Listing Descriptions

The listing description is one of the most important parts of your real estate listing. It’s your opportunity to highlight what makes the property special and convince potential buyers to come see it in person. A compelling, well-written description can mean the difference between a listing that generates lots of interest and one that falls flat.

Paint a Vivid Picture

Help buyers visualize what it would be like to live in the home by painting a vivid picture with your words. Describe the overall style and vibe of the house. Mention standout features like hardwood floors, a chef’s kitchen, or a secluded backyard oasis. Share details that capture the essence of the property. The more readers can imagine themselves enjoying the space, the more likely they are to schedule a showing.

Highlight Key Features and Amenities

Call out important features, recent updates, and amenities so they don’t get missed. Things like a newly remodeled bathroom, spacious bedrooms, lots of storage space or an oversized garage are all worth mentioning. Also include specifics on things like square footage, lot size, number of rooms and bathrooms. These kinds of practical details will resonate with buyers searching listings.

Focus on Benefits

Rather than just listing the attributes of the home, focus on the benefits and lifestyle those features enable. For example, say “entertain family and friends in the open-concept living and dining room” rather than just “open-concept living and dining room.” Mention how the large backyard is perfect for kids and pets to play in, or how the home office allows you to work from home comfortably. Help buyers see how they would benefit from and enjoy living in the property.

Use an Engaging and Friendly Tone

Adopt a warm, inviting tone to make a great first impression. Speak directly to the reader using “you” and “your.” Use an enthusiastic and optimistic style to convey your excitement about the listing. While being honest about the condition and features of the home, maintain an overall upbeat and compelling tone to capture interest. A friendly, engaging listing description can go a long way toward attracting eager buyers.

Customizing Your Generated Listing Descriptions

Once you have a listing description generated by Hypotenuse AI, it’s easy to customize it to best represent the unique features and selling points of your property. Here are a few tips to help craft the perfect listing description:

Adjust the overall tone

Do you want a casual, lighthearted tone or a more formal professional tone? Review the generated description and make changes to the wording, phrasing and sentence structure to achieve your desired tone. For example, use contractions and informal language for a casual tone or industry jargon and complex sentences for a formal tone.

Emphasize important details

Are there any special attributes of the property that you want to highlight? Add additional details or expand on points that the AI may have glossed over. For example, emphasize things like recent upgrades, spacious rooms, amenities or proximity to desirable locations. Use emotive and persuasive language to help the key selling points of your property shine through.

Include eye-catching photos

A listing description, no matter how well-written, is incomplete without professional photos. Include a photo for each room and also of the exterior facade, yard and any additional structures. Use photos to complement your listing description by highlighting the best features of your property that you want to emphasize to potential buyers.

Tips for Using AI to Enhance Your Listing Descriptions

Keep Descriptions Concise

While AI can help generate more copy for your listings, avoid making descriptions too long. Most home buyers will only read the first few sentences before deciding if they want to learn more. Focus on highlighting the most appealing features, amenities, and location attributes in the first paragraph.

Emphasize What Buyers Value

Think about what factors are most important to buyers in your market and area. Home features like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, parking, and storage are always appealing. Mention proximity to schools, public transit, highways, and local attractions. Discuss recent upgrades and any smart home technologies.

Include Relevant Keywords

Take advantage of the AI’s ability to analyze listing data and identify keywords that will help your listing rank higher in search results. Work these keywords into your description naturally so it still reads well. For example, mention not just schools but the school district and grades. Include terms like ‘corner lot’, and ‘golf course community’ if they apply. The AI can identify keywords you hadn't considered that could boost visibility.

Review and Revise

While AI can generate an initial draft, always review the content carefully and make any needed changes. Check for any incorrect facts or claims. Rework sentences that sound unnatural or don't flow well. Add in any details or selling points that you think are important based on your knowledge of the property and experience in the local market. With your review and revisions, you'll end up with an AI-enhanced listing description that is both compelling and customized.


You now have the tools to craft listing descriptions that will capture attention and drive interest in your properties. With Hypotenuse AI at your fingertips, you can generate unique and compelling listing copy in just a few clicks. Stop wasting time struggling to find the right words — let the power of AI do the work for you.

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