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Accelerate your e-commerce catalog

Blaze through the preparation of new product listings with Hypotenuse. Instantly generate thousands of product descriptions within seconds.

1. Upload your product images

A lady wearing an orange dressAn example of a product that descriptions can be generated for.Sample e-commerce product image showing a lady in red floral dress

3. Unique descriptions are crafted instantly

Stay cool when the temperatures rise with this comfortable yet flattering dress. The floral print gives the smooth cotton fabric a feminine flair, ensuring all eyes will be on you when you wear it out. Belted up, it keeps the fitted waist even and stylish, outlining your figure in romantic floral details.
Increase conversion

Increase Conversion

Quality descriptions have the power to move customers down your sales funnel, building better brand and trust. 20% of purchase failures are potentially due to missing or unclear product descriptions. Don't lose any customers!

Improve SEO rankings

Improve SEO

Search engines love unique, fluent and fresh content. Hypotenuse ensures that every description is unique and specific to the product, all with a click of a button. You'll be at the top of the ranks in no time!

Save time and achieve your copywriting at unparalleled speeds

A Fraction of the Time

We know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to write product descriptions for your entire catalogue. We've been there. Hypotenuse will generate thousands of descriptions for your catalogue within seconds. Get your product listings ready instantly!

Examples Generated by our AI Engine

Add fun to your style with this gorgeous floral dress by Hypotenuse, featuring a belted waist, mid-length sleeves and a concealed rear zip.
A crispy layered floral print embellishes the look of this relaxing dress from Hypotenuse, with a design that's charmingly stylish and full of romantic vibes.
Enjoy the most beautiful days of your life in this all-white floral Dress from Hypotenuse, featuring a knotted sash, a flowy hem and long sleeves.

Only one of the descriptions below was written by a human, while the other was generated by our AI. Vote on the one you think was generated by AI!

A lady wearing a black and white checkered dress with corresponding product descriptions beside it.
We bring you the ideal combo. Dress it up or dress it down, this short checkered dress is pure versatility. Wear this ladylike look to work with a statement necklace, or spice it up with a pair of killer heels. Whether you're a festival attendee or someone who makes it to happy hour, this dress is sure to keep you looking stylish.
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This dress from Hypotenuse offers a fun and flirty feel in a high class package. Enjoy the wearability of the high quality, 100% cotton fabric. This dress is perfect for occasions that are active and fun filled. The short dress is partnered to stunning effect with mid-length sleeves for a unique and outgoing look.
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“Was introduced to this application and so far it’s been great! Easy to use & saves you so much time to come up with product descriptions that allows your brand that stand out from the rest. The team is also offers great support and a quick turnaround time. Would recommend alls brand to give it a shot.”
“This app is a game changer for writing product descriptions. Really impressed with the UI/UX, and the customer service has been literally the best support I have ever had from a Shopify app. I would absolutely recommend any ecomm store with creative copy needs to give them a chance.”
“I really like how simple it is to use, with clear quick tips and intuitive UI. This would save our business loads of brainwaves and time in generating creative product content. Look forward to seeing this app grow strength to strength and help us scale our e-commerce business too!”


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