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Supercharge your E-commerce Content

Blaze through the preparation of new product listings with Hypotenuse. Instantly generate thousands of product descriptions within seconds.

1. Upload your product images

Girl in white sleevless floral dressSample e-commerce product image showing a lady in red floral dress

3. Unique descriptions are crafted instantly

Looking for a flattering, affordable white dress? Keep it simple with this off-shoulder dress. The subtle ruched waist adds a flattering silhouette and the cotton fabric is perfect for warmer weather. Wear this with a pair of wedges or flats for a feminine, stylish look.
Increase conversion

Increase Conversion

Quality descriptions have the power to move customers down your sales funnel, building better brand and trust. 20% of purchase failures are potentially due to missing or unclear product descriptions. Don't lose out on your customers!

Improve SEO rankings

Improve SEO rankings

Search engines love unique, fluent and fresh content. Hypotenuse ensures that every description is unique and specific to the product, all with a click of a button. You'll be at the top of the ranks in no time!

Save time and achieve your copywriting at unparalleled speeds

A Fraction of the Time

We know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to write product descriptions for your entire catalogue. We've been there. Hypotenuse will generate thousands of descriptions for your catalogue within seconds. Get your product listings ready instantly!

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Samples Generated by our AI

Add fun to your style with this gorgeous floral dress by Hypotenuse, featuring a slim waist, thin straps and a concealed rear zip.
Enjoy the most beautiful days of your life in this all-white floral dress from Hypotenuse, featuring a knotted sash, a flowy hem and long sleeves.
A crisp layered floral print embellishes the look of this relaxing dress from Hypotenuse, with a design that's charmingly stylish and full of romantic vibes.

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We bring you the ideal combo. Dress it up or dress it down, this short dress is pure versatility. Wear this ladylike look to work with a statement necklace, or spice it up with a pair of killer heels. Whether you're a festival attendee or someone who makes it to happy hour, this dress is sure to keep you looking stylish.
This dress from Hypotenuse offers a fun and flirty feel in a classy package. Enjoy the wearability of the high quality, 100% cotton fabric. This dress is perfect for occasions that are active and fun filled. This short dress is paired to stunning effect with long sleeves for a unique and outgoing look.
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Testimonial Image

Suede Backpack in Grey

Apparel & Accessories

A practical backpack for commuting, school or work. This backpack is the yellow brick road to your destination. It keeps your valuables close so you can enjoy the journey. Whether you're hitting the road or the subway, you'll have everything you need. The backpack has adjustable and padded shoulder straps for comfortable load-carrying. Stylish and durable, this bag will be your lifelong companion.

Testimonial Image

Rainbow Trainers


Show your interest in fashion and comfortable shoes with these three-colored trainers. This shoe will put a twinkle in your step no matter what mood lights up your day. Make every step a colourful and magical one with all of the colours of the rainbow in one shoe. You will be surprised at the reaction to your new go-to shoes.

Testimonial Image

Oak Dining Chair


Dining chairs instantly complete the table, and if you're looking for oak chairs that add character and grace to your dining table, look no further! These chairs with a built-in back support make a perfect addition to your dining table. Great as accent chairs when you are not using them to sit!

Testimonial Image

Blue Floral Party Dress

Fashion & Clothing

When you think of a party dress, you probably think of one that looks like this. This sleeveless blue floral party dress is a celebration of traditional design and contemporary fashion. Its iconic print will help you make a style statement, while the black belt will highlight your curves. Get noticed in this mid-length party dress.

Testimonial Image

Date Night Lipstick

Beauty and Personal Care

A luscious peach lipstick that brings your date night to life. Whether you're going to the theater, or out for cocktails and dinner, make it an evening to remember with this beautiful color that will make your lips shine. It's classic and it's timeless, and just like you, it looks good on your lips but goes well past your lips too.

Testimonial Image

Multi-purpose Hammer

Tools & Appliances

Hand-crafted from aluminium, this hammer has an elegant, shining coating and black handle. The combination of tapered, hardened-steel and soft plastic grip prevents injury, and with a rubber sleeve the length of the shaft it can be used to hit hard, or to carry out delicate work.

Testimonial Image

Geometric Ceiling Light

Home & Living

Your ceiling will become the framework for a daydream of stars. This geometric light will make you lose track of time when you're on a conference call, shopping for new bikes online or simply having a night in with your family and friends. The light is soft and warm, and adds some cheer to any room.

Testimonial Image

All-purpose Flour

Food & Supplies

This all-purpose flour is a staple of everyday baking. It's a flour that brings lightness, nutrition and diversity to any recipe that you might want to take on. Try taking it on in the bakery, in the kitchen or in the flavor research lab. It'll fit well everywhere you decide or need to bring it.

Testimonial Image

Digital Camera — Black

Gadgets & Electronics

Use your camera to catch precious moments. You don't want to miss a single thing. This camera's high-resolution sensor delivers astonishing image quality, so you'll never be unhappy with the snapshots you take of your loved ones. If you're looking to really make a lasting impression, bring this camera along to capture the scenery for the best vacation pictures you've ever taken.


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How does Hypotenuse AI help you with product descriptions?

We take away the strain of product description writing by automatically generating them using AI. We've built cutting edge machine learning models that can understand your product, brand voice and content needs so that each product description is unique and tailored to you. Hypotenuse will supercharge your e-commerce workflow, whether you're an e-commerce store owner, product description writer or large content team — we streamline the process of activating your product listings — all in one single platform. To learn more, request a demo with us!

Will Google penalize me for using AI product descriptions?

The short answer: not with Hypotenuse AI.

When it comes to SEO for product descriptions, having original content and the right keywords are 2 important factors that are rewarded by search engines when ranking your e-commerce site. The reason why many AI products end up bringing more harm than benefit to your SEO rankings is because they give you content which is either repetitive, duplicated or lack relevance (especially in keywords) to your product.

At Hypotenuse AI, we've built our tools from the ground up with SEO and product content in mind. We guarantee that none of our descriptions that we have generated is duplicated — even if you upload the same product twice. On top of that, Hypotenuse crafts your copy in a manner which is specific to your product and brand voice. In other words, we guarantee uniqueness while providing keyword inclusion and SEO wins. Don't believe us? Request for a demo!

Why are product descriptions important for Product Detail Pages (PDPs)?

Product descriptions engage consumers and move them down your conversion funnel. The primary function of product descriptions is to communicate essential information about products and their features to potential customers. When shopping on e-commerce stores, customers aren't able to engage with products like they normally would in real life. Instead, product descriptions, pictures, and sometimes videos take the place of the ability to simply pick a product up and examine it. Compared to the latter two components, product descriptions can focus on features not evident in pictures, serving to provide important information such as the materials of a dress or the customizable organization of a fridge.

Furthermore, this short paragraph of text also helps in including keywords for search engine optimization (SEO), such that each product gets more traffic from Google searches. They also make a company look polished and legitimate, which can be an important differentiator on Shopify, where the barrier to starting new stores is decreasing over time.

What is a brand voice and why is it relevant for product descriptions?

According to McKinsey & Company, a strong brand voice is "a living, breathing manifestation of your brand promise... it solves problems, delivers a great customer experience, and stands for something". That might seem like a no-brainer — most companies have a slogan or tagline, or a robust "About Us" page at the very least, that shows their purpose, tone and values. However, most e-commerce companies don't realize how important a consistent brand voice is for their product descriptions (which is often what consumers would actually see when making purchasing decisions).

As the above McKinsey article explains, brand voice is the spine running through a customer's end-to-end journey with your service or product. To ensure consumer satisfaction, brand voice therefore needs to be consistent throughout every single touchpoint the consumer has with your company. And very often, interaction is when a potential buyer comes across one of your product pages online.

It is therefore imperative that your brand voice in every single product description on your website is consistent, both between products, and with your overall voice in other areas, such as the "About Us" page. Hypotenuse makes brand tone consistency as easy as clicking a button. Scale up your content needs while maintaining that same voice throughout your catalog!

What is a Product Detail Page (PDP) and what does it contain?

A PDP is a page on an e-commerce site that conveys important information about a particular product. For example, if the product in question is a sofa, the PDP might contain its dimensions, material, available colors, pictures from several angles, its collection, information delivery and warranty, and buyer reviews.

These pages help consumers make an informed decision about choosing products and whether or not to make that purchase.

Does Hypotenuse AI generate product descriptions that are specific to Walmart, eBay and Amazon?

We understand the needs of multi-channel sellers - our AI can automatically generate title and product descriptions to fulfill the requirements of Walmart, eBay and Amazon. Each channel has its own technical, linguistic and stylistic restraints, and we can make copywriting for these platforms easy, all while maintaining your unique brand voice.

Our product descriptions will maintain the structure that fills your store's needs - whether it be a list of technical benefits, prose and emotive imagery, or something in between. Our AI can instantly generate product descriptions to match your chosen form and structure - while boosting SEO with unique content that Google loves!