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How to write a conclusion paragraph with AI

Take the hassle out of writing conclusions with Hypotenuse AI conclusion generator. We help you summarize key points to generate a satisfying conclusion.

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To get started, simply describe your topic or paste in your content. You can also add keywords to further guide our AI, or choose a tone for your content.

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Once you've generated your copy, our tool will produce some unique variations for you to choose from. Simply choose the one you like best, edit it and use it however you like.

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Save time and energy by eliminating the need to write a conclusion from scratch. Hypotenuse AI automates the task for you, in a fraction of the time it takes to write it manually.

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Generate conclusions that are designed to drive results. Each conclusion goes beyond basic summarization and is crafted to be high-impact, benefit-driven, and effective.

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You’re in control. Create multiple conclusion variations to test out different approaches or structures and determine which works best for your unique needs.

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How a Conclusion Generator Can Transform Your Writing

You've done the hard work — you've researched your topic, crafted a compelling argument, and written an essay that flows logically from point to point. But now, you're stuck. Summarizing your key ideas and bringing your essay to a strong conclusion seems impossible. Your mind goes blank. The conclusion is so crucial, but after pouring hours into the rest of the essay, your creativity and motivation have evaporated.

Sound familiar? Don't worry — you're not alone. Writing conclusions is tough for everyone at some point. But there's an easy solution that can save you time and boost the power of your ending: use a conclusion generator. With the click of a button, an AI can analyze your essay and instantly provide a choice of possible conclusions tailored to your content and audience.

What Is a Conclusion Generator?

A conclusion generator is a tool that can automatically generate a conclusion for your article. Many writers struggle with writing conclusions, so a generator can be very helpful.

How Does a Conclusion Generator Work?

Conclusion generators typically use machine learning and natural language processing to analyze your article and generate an appropriate conclusion. The generator will read through your entire article, identify the main topics or arguments, and craft a conclusion that wraps up your key points while reaffirming your ideas. AI also checks for consistency in tone and style to ensure the conclusion flows well with the rest of your writing.

The generated conclusion will not be exactly the same as what you might write yourself, but it can give you a good starting point. You can then modify or rewrite the conclusion as needed to match your particular writing style and strengthen the ending of your article.

How to write a good conclusion

So you've crafted an amazing introduction, and built up your argument or story throughout the body of your writing, and now it's time to wrap it all up. Your conclusion should reinforce the key points you've made and leave the reader with a lasting impression. Here are some tips for writing a strong conclusion:

Restate your main argument

Briefly reiterate your main argument or the key takeaway from your writing. Remind the reader why your topic matters or the significance of your findings. You want the conclusion to feel connected to the introduction.

Summarize your main points

Go over the main points, examples, or steps covered in the body section, but don't just repeat yourself word for word. Keep this high level without too many details. Use different phrasing to reinforce the key messages.

End with impact

Finish strong with a statement that leaves an impression on the reader. You might end with a warning, call the reader to action, issue a challenge, or suggest implications to consider. Pose a thought-provoking question or paint a vivid picture with a metaphor. For greater effect, you can refer back to the opening anecdote or scenario.

Keep it concise

A conclusion should only be 3 to 5 sentences for a short article. Don't drag it on or introduce new ideas. Reiterate your main points concisely while tying it all back to your thesis. The conclusion brings closure, so avoid an abrupt ending.

Benefits of Using a Conclusion Generator

There are several benefits to using an automated conclusion generator:

Saves time

Coming up with an impactful conclusion can be time-consuming. A generator can draft one in just a few seconds.

Provides inspiration

If you're stuck, a generated conclusion can spark some ideas to get you started.

Check for consistency

An AI tool will analyze your entire essay and generate a conclusion that aligns with the overall style, tone, and message. This helps ensure consistency throughout your work.

Improves your own writing

Seeing different examples of effective conclusions, even those written by an AI, can strengthen your own conclusion-writing skills over time. You may pick up some useful phrases or techniques to incorporate into your future essays.

How to Use a Conclusion Generator Effectively

Using a conclusion generator is a simple way to transform your writing and take it to the next level. Here are some tips for using one effectively:

Choose Relevant Options

Generate multiple conclusions and pick those most relevant for your particular piece of writing. Ignore anything too generic or that seems out of place. For the best results, you want a conclusion specifically tailored to your subject matter and target audience.

Customize as Needed

Once you choose a conclusion, you may need to tweak or build upon it to make it perfect. Add in specific examples or statistics from your work to strengthen the conclusion. You can also reword parts of it to better reflect your unique writing style and voice. Think of the generator's suggestions as a starting point, not the final say.

Vary Your Conclusions

Don't rely on the same stock conclusion for every piece of writing. Mix it up by using different options from the generator, or alternating between its suggestions and your own original conclusions.


Carefully proofread your conclusion, as with any part of your writing. Ensure the concluding statement is logically and cohesively tied to the rest of your work. Get feedback from others if possible. Your conclusion is your final opportunity to drive your message home to readers, so you want it to be as polished and compelling as possible.

Example conclusion prompts

Some common conclusion prompts a generator may provide include:

  • In summary, ...
  • In conclusion, ...
  • All in all, ...
  • To sum up, ...

Starting your concluding paragraph with a prompt like these helps signal to the reader that you're bringing your main points together and wrapping up your work.

From there, the generator will offer examples to help spark your creativity. For instance, if your essay was on the benefits of daily exercise, conclusion examples may be:

  1. In summary, by exercising each day you can lead a healthier, happier, and more productive life. The benefits to both physical and mental well-being are enormous. Make the time for physical activity and start reaping the rewards today.
  2. All in all, daily exercise has significant physical and mental benefits that impact your health, mood, and quality of life. Staying active and fit leads to both short and long-term rewards that enrich how you live each day. Establishing the habit of regular exercise is challenging, but the outcomes are well worth the effort.

Using a prompt and tweaking one of these examples is an easy way to draft your conclusion. Be sure to connect it back to your main points and reiterate why your topic matters. Keep the tone consistent and end with a call to action if appropriate.

Use Cases of Conclusion Generator

  • Academic Writing: For students, scholars, and researchers, it makes academic writing easier. Summarizing complex research into clear conclusions makes papers more understandable and impactful.
  • Business Reports: In business, concise conclusions are important. A conclusion generator helps professionals end reports strongly. It emphasizes the most useful insights and drives home the core message to decision-makers.
  • Content Creation: Content creators also find conclusion generators useful. For articles and blog posts, it wraps up the content engagingly. This reinforces the message and encourages readers to interact. That helps achieve the goals of the content.

Write Satisfying Conclusions with AI

So there you have it, a conclusion generator can be an incredibly useful tool for any writer. It helps ensure you end on a high note and leave your readers with a lasting impression. The ending is what people remember, so make it count. Give Hypotenuse AI a try — you've got nothing to lose and a memorable conclusion to gain. Your writing will thank you, and so will your readers. What are you waiting for? Go start crafting conclusions that convert and see how much of a difference it can make.

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