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Ideate, generate and create multiple variations of your marketing copy for campaigns and ad testing.

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How to generate copy on Hypotenuse AI

Write engaging copy that showcases your brand personality and resonates with your target audience.

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Step 1

Add your topic

Write a brief description including your objective, target audience and any specific points the copy should cover.

Step 2

Generate copy

Click generate and let our AI write the initial drafts of your marketing copy. This should take just a few seconds.

Step 3

Review and edit

Our AI will generate several variations of your copy. Pick one or combine them, and edit as you wish. You can do this manually or with our AI Editor.

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Speed up your copywriting with AI

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Create copy faster

Never get stuck on a blank page again. Our AI helps you brainstorm innovative ideas and get the creative juices flowing. Who knows where those initial ideas can get you?

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Improve copy quality

With so many campaigns to run and copy to write, it's hard to upkeep the quality of every one of them. Our AI Copywriting Tool is trained on high-conversion marketing copy, so you know your copy will be effective and engaging.

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Test more variations

It takes rounds and rounds of testing to find effective marketing copy. Use our AI to generate more variations and increase your chances on landing on a winner.

"We introduce hundreds of products monthly, and needed to quickly implement an elegant solution. Hypotenuse is hands-down the best tool that’s quick, easy, reliable & scalable."

Crystal Ramirez

Vice President, Tobi

"I can produce hundreds of product descriptions at once, easily customizing tone, style & content to match our brand voice exactly—decreasing production time, freeing up resources and dramatically improving our overall user experience."

Kristin Minasian

Digital Content Producer, Living Spaces


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