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Write product descriptions at scale. Our AI instantly generates unique descriptions for your Shopify store. Drive more sales with compelling copy that converts.
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Product detail pages in half the time.

Boost conversions and maintain your brand voice across your business with our Shopify AI writer.

Connect to your Shopify store in just a few clicks.

Hypotenuse AI easily connects to any Shopify store and automatically pulls all your product information so you can generate product descriptions directly on our platform.

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One-click import for all your Shopify product attributes
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Suggested keywords for better description generation, based on your original images and descriptions
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Generate multiple description variations to choose from.

Pick from a range of uniquely generated, fresh descriptions and make edits directly on our platform to suit your needs.

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Choose selected copy from different product descriptions variations
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Full-fledged editor to make the finishing touches to your product descriptions

Publish directly to your storefront.

Stop uploading CSV files to update your product descriptions. Simply hit Publish from our platform and push descriptions to your storefront.

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Insert your original description before publishing to maintain your style changes and tables
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Does not interfere with other icon, size table and review plugins

Start growing your Shopify sales today.

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Optimize for Search Engines

Our AI analyzes keywords and incorporates them naturally into descriptions that are persuasive and optimized for search engines.

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Generate Descriptions in Bulk

Save time by generating optimized product descriptions for new releases or update your descriptions across your entire Shopify store in minutes.

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Increase conversions

Write compelling and unique descriptions that can turn page views into purchases.


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