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Write factual content with real-time citations

Eliminate vague and inaccurate AI content through real-time, researched content with citations.

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Write factual, well-informed content with Content Detective

There's no need to spend hours researching a topic for your blog when you have AI on your side. Our research tool provides key talking points and sources to reference so you can hit the ground running.

Extract relevant insights for any topic, from live content on the internet

Gone are the days of spending hours poring over data to analyze what to write. Extract key insights and talking points from trending articles on the internet in minutes.

Leverage AI to write entire factual articles, using researched talking points

Researching and writing content can be daunting. With our AI-powered content research tool, you can research for key points on your topic, then use those to feed our AI and instantly create a first working draft of an article.

Cite provided sources within your content for credibility

Having credibility when creating content is important to rank well and convince your readers. That's why our AI-powered content research tool not only helps you find relevant information, but also provides links to citations for the researched content.

Get your content strategy started with well-informed topics

We know that researching topics when writing, especially on a new topic, can be a daunting task. That's where Content Detective comes in. It helps you research key talking points for your blog sections in real time, so you can use them to generate accurate content with our AI article writer.

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Factual, informed content

With our AI-powered research tool, you can spend your time refining and distribute great content, rather than spending the majority of time on research. Get the information to guide our AI to help you write your content.

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Save time on research

You don't need to be an expert on a topic to understand it quickly. Use our AI research tool to get an understanding of key talking points for any topic heading, instead of falling into the rabbit hole of research.

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Real-time, fresh news

Our AI tool monitors live content from the internet and researches topics in real time. That makes it easy to get the information you need while you're writing your blog post.

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