What Y Combinator's Latest Generative AI Landscape Map Says About Our Future

April 21, 2023

Generative AI is revolutionizing the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us. By creating content, designs, and solutions never before imagined, these intelligent systems are breaking barriers and opening up new possibilities in countless industries. From art and music to business and science, generative AI is reshaping our understanding of creativity and innovation, propelling us into a bold new age of discovery and progress.

As generative AI continues to rise in popularity, the implications are clear: AI has progressed beyond being a mere feature or add-on. Instead, we are witnessing the birth of entirely new platforms, companies, and industries, all poised to shape the future in ways that we can only begin to imagine.

Key insights from YC landscape map

Y Combinator's startup directory features over 100 generative AI startups making waves across every essential business function—from marketing, operations and customer support to engineering and infrastructure.

Y Combinator Generative AI Landscape Map | Source: Hypotenuse AI

Upon closer examination, several key insights emerge. One notable observation is the significant rise of generative AI startups, which account for an impressive 22% of YC's Winter 2023 batch, with 59 out of 272 startups. This surge in numbers is even more remarkable when compared to the combined total of the past five years, which saw just 45 such startups emerge between 2017 and 2022.

Here are some insights and predictions we have about the ongoing landscape shift:

  • Several prevailing themes emerged in 2023, with open source, developer tools, and artificial intelligence leading the charge.
  • Generative AI is no longer just a feature. AI is now used as a foundation upon which other tools and platforms are built.
  • Innovative applications such as protein bioengineering and at-home blood testing have surfaced from the recent generative AI boom.
  • Platforms are now designed to enhance the human-AI co-working experience. This trend points towards a human-first AI world that will redefine the future of work.
  • Independent creators and gig economy workers are now empowered by a suite of easily accessible AI tools that will help them freely create without financial and manpower limitations.
  • Customized and personalized experiences will become commonplace. Generative AI will get increasingly better at identifying recurrent patterns and minute changes in behaviour.

As generative AI continues to evolve, it will become an even more integral part of our lives. Companies need to be prepared to leverage the technology to their benefit, as it can offer many advantages. For instance, it can help companies reduce costs, improve customer engagement, and optimize business processes. It can also enable businesses to develop new products and services that previously may have been too costly to pursue.

Here's the full list of generative AI startups featured in the landscape map above—categorized according to function:



  • Hypotenuse AI: Create unique copywriting and visual content in seconds using AI
  • Writesonic: AI writing and image generation platform
  • AI content platform for blog and art
  • Letterdrop: Generate and distribute content faster using AI
  • Dataherald: Creating unique content at scale using data and AI
  • SpeedyBrand: Create hyper-personalized marketing content
  • Type: AI-first document editor that helps you write faster

Image & design

  • Playground AI: Create any image from your imagination using text prompts
  • Revery AI: A fashion platform for creators to showcase their works, gain traction and build their brands
  • Poly: Generate design assets with a simple text prompt
  • PixelVibe: AI Roblox for game creation
  • Spellbrush: Create anime art for artists, illustrators and animators
  • Image generator for e-commerce products
  • Iliad: Creative tool for generating game assets using AI
  • Dream3D: AI-powered 3D design tool that creates stunning computer graphics
  • Penguin AI: AI tools to generate and deploy ads faster
  • PhotoRoom: Photo editing software for commerce photography

Video & animation

  • D-ID: Generate realistic high-quality AI personas
  • Tavus: AI-generated personalized videos
  • Create YouTube Shorts 10x faster
  • Decoherence: Create video from text prompts
  • Vector: Video platform for B2B sellers
  • Linum: Create movie scenes using AI
  • Lifecast: Create 3D video for VR, robotics and film


  • Generate or clone voices and turn any text into human-like speech
  • EzDubs: Real-time AI dubbing for content creators
  • OfOne: AI-powered order taker for restaurant drive-thrus
  • Uberduck: Text-to-speech for creators
  • Toko: Learn English by speaking with an AI

Chat assistant & copilot

  • Hightime AI: AI co-pilot for customer calls
  • AskPenny: Helps Indian women complete their daily tasks easily through WhatsApp
  • Messaging assistant to help users more efficiently compose responses
  • ChatGPT for customer support on Shopify
  • Baselit: Enables businesses to embed ChatGPT-powered analytics for their customers
  • CodeComplete: AI-powered code completion for enterprise
  • ChatGPT for data, embedded in your app
  • Free Chrome extension that helps automate your writing using AI
  • Kraftful: AI co-pilot for product builders

Search engine & research

  • Andi: Search engine that generate factually correct answers to questions
  • Genei: Creates personalised summaries of background reading
  • Phind: Generative AI search engine for coding

Health testing

  • Be Golden: Generative AI for administrative automation in healthcare
  • iollo: At-home metabolomics test for healthy lifespan extension


HR & enterprise support

  • Dover: Talent matching software to supercharge hiring
  • Juicebox: Help companies hire pre-vetted independent contractors through a subscription-based model
  • Humand: AI-powered digital communities for companies
  • Kyber: ChatGPT for insurance agents
  • Sidekick: AI support bot for customer experience teams
  • Wild Moose: Identify the source of production incidents with conversational AI trained on their environment
  • Easycode: GPT-4 powered AI that gives immediate answers to developer questions specific to the codebase
  • inkeep: AI-powered search and chat tool for developer products

Data Insights & optimization

  • RankScience: Improves website SEO through automatic A/B testing and data science
  • Findly: Get accurate, actionable data insights from raw data
  • ChatGPT for data analysis, built for enterprises
  • AiFlow: Automate market research in seconds
  • Turntable: AI-native operating system for analytics teams
  • Waveline: Extract specific information from unstructured data like emails or documents
  • Helicone: Logs request and response for any endpoint and provides insights into key metrics
  • Questa: Helps business teams to query, visualize, and take action on their data with natural language
  • Deekard: Allows users to generate visualizations and create dashboards to share insights

Project/product management

  • Dart: Project management on autopilot
  • Second: AI bots that set up web applications, add features, and keep projects up to date
  • Cardinal: System of record to help product teams build the right things and achieve data-driven goals

Bookkeeping & privacy

  • Truewind: AI-powered bookkeeping and finance software for startups
  • Protects your organization's sensitive data from AI that can surface it externally

Sales & customer success

  • Avoca: Intelligent 24/7 customer communications platform
  • Lightski: AI sales assistant that automate sales processes
  • Persana AI: Intelligent sales copilot powered by fine tuned models
  • Fabius: Score every opportunity against your unique sales process by analyzing call recordings
  • OpenSight: Offers accurate answers and action resolution paths for inbound customer inquiries
  • Coldreach: AI-powered sales email personalization
  • Tennr: AI assistant that accelerates research, answers complex questions, and generates sales reports
  • Parabolic: AI assistant that autodrafts ready-to-send responses for your customer support team
  • Syncly: Automatically analyze all your customer emails
  • Flair Labs: Uncover customer insights and revenue opportunities from conversation data
  • Zenfetch: Real-time call assistant for technical sales teams
  • Sameday: AI sales agents for home service businesses
  • Sail: Find and contact high quality sales leads in a fully automated way
  • Clueso: Auto-generate guided tours, video tutorials, and help articles that always stay up-to-date
  • Floworks: Update CRM, get reminded of important follow-ups, and send customer emails from Slack
  • Trellus: Delivers simple coaching prompts to your salespeople in real time
  • Fini: Helps companies collect, categorize and resolve customer issues using AI


Software infrastructure

  • Superpowered AI: Developer API for building sophisticated LLM-based applications
  • Maya Labs: Program machines using natural language
  • Vellum: Developer platform for building LLM applications
  • Neptyne: Natively programmable spreadsheet with a full Python environment
  • PromptLoop: Access powerful AI language models inside an Excel and Google Sheets formula
  • Anarchy: Build customized chatbots on top of existing LLMs
  • Chima: Infrastructure tools to help large companies customize their generative AI models
  • BerriAI: API for SaaS businesses to create ChatGPT apps programmatically
  • Vocode: Build voice-based LLM applications via its open source library

Model training & deployment

  • Humanloop: Improve GPT-3 applications with human feedback
  • Enables developers to generate hardware-accelerated APIs for running AI pipelines
  • Baseplate: Helps teams build and scale secure apps that leverage LLMs
  • Traceloop: Trains LLMs to generate tests and detect anomalies in production
  • UpTrain AI: Open-source Datadog for machine learning models
  • GradientJ: Build and compare prompts, track live performance, and improve models from human feedback
  • Flower: Open-source framework for training AI on distributed data using federated learning
  • Stack AI: Compose workflows connecting LLMs, vector databases, and data sources
  • Rubbrband: Compose workflows connecting LLMs, vector databases, and data sources using CLI
  • Bobidi: Bug bounty as a Service for AI

Data environment

  • Gloo: Help LLMs connect to knowledge bases and add mechanisms to prevent hallucination
  • Outerbase: View, edit, and modify their data and generate visual dashboards
  • Buildt: AI devtool to search and understand large codebases
  • Lume: Automate and maintain custom data integration

Robotics & bioengineering

  • Lasso: Robotics process automation for Chrome using large language models and computer vision
  • Diffuse Bio: AI software platform for molecular design
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