Ecommerce Product Data Enrichment: What It Is and Why You Need It

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June 26, 2024

To write good, compelling product content, you need sufficient product information. The problem is, suppliers or manufacturers often share sparse or incomplete information. They may even provide only a product image or product title.

With hundreds of thousands of products to push out monthly, it’s humanly impossible to manually research for points to use in creating your content.

That’s where product data enrichment comes in. It helps enrich your product data with relevant information automatically pulled from the web. In this article, we'll discuss what it is, why it’s important for ecommerce brands, and how you can harness its power to level up your product pages.

What Is Ecommerce Product Data Enrichment?

Product data enrichment refers to the process of improving and expanding your existing product information to make it more complete, accurate and compelling for customers. This typically involves adding more details, specifications, descriptions and other data that makes your product pages more informative and interesting.

Why Is Product Data Enrichment Important in Ecommerce?

It Enhances Product Data Quality

Information provided by your supplier or manufacturer could be lacking, incomplete or even inaccurate. That makes it difficult for you to write something that resonates with your audience.

What can you do with only the product image or a few points on its color and length?

Not much. But with product data enrichment, you get the complete picture of the product you’re selling. That could be the material, texture or special components that would enhance the value of your product.

With that, you can decide which points to include in your product pages.

It Boosts Discoverability

One major benefit of enriched product data is improved search visibility off-site and on-site.

With more detailed descriptions using relevant keywords, your listings can rank better and become much easier for customers to find through search engines like Google or marketplaces like Amazon.

On the website, enrichment helps add product tags to improve product searchability and discoverability. This could be in the form of product recommendations or on-site search. This helps interested buyers locate your offerings more easily when browsing or searching for specific features.

It Creates Better Shopping Experiences

Beyond just finding your products, enriched data makes it simpler for shoppers to evaluate them.

Comprehensive details on materials, dimensions, certifications and other key attributes allow customers to determine if an item meets their needs.

This elevates the entire shopping journey as online shoppers don’t have to second-guess their decisions or cross-check with forums or third-party sites for validation. It helps them make confident purchases and improves overall satisfaction.

Benefits of Product Data Enrichment in Ecommerce

Enhances Customer Trust

Product content enrichment paints a vivid, detailed picture of what you're selling. This level of transparency builds customer trust—a critical factor for boosting sales.

With comprehensive details like materials, dimensions, care instructions, and high-quality images from multiple angles, shoppers know exactly what to expect. So they don’t get unpleasant surprises when the product arrives at their doorstep.

Boosts SEO Rankings

Search engines love enriched product data as much as customers do. Detailed titles, descriptions packed with relevant keywords, specifications, and other enriched content signals relevance to search algorithms. 

The more you work on ecommerce search enrichment, the higher you're likely to rank for valuable keywords and product searches.

Reduces Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are one of the biggest drains on ecommerce revenue. Often, this happens because shoppers don't have sufficient information to feel confident making the purchase.

Rich content fills in those gaps, addressing common concerns before they lead to an exit. With enriched listings, buyers are assured that the product matches their needs and is exactly what they want. That lowers cart abandonment rates.

Provides a Competitive Edge

In the crowded ecommerce arena, you need an edge to stand out from competitors selling similar products. Enriched product data is your key differentiator.

While others stick to barebones descriptions, your enriched listings give online shoppers a reason to choose you over the other options since it elevates your brand and product.

Methods for Enriching Ecommerce Product Data

Let's explore some ways you can boost your existing data to make it shine. With enriched data, your online catalog becomes a sales powerhouse.

Automated enrichment

Automated enrichment uses AI or machine learning to gather data from various sources automatically and updates them in your PIM.

On Hypotenuse AI, you can input any product details you have, and our AI will crawl the web for product details from reputable data sources. Then, it’ll use this information to generate product content for your product pages. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say your supplier only provided the product image, you can go to product descriptions on Hypotenuse AI and upload your product image here.

Then, when you click “Enrich from image”, it’ll analyze your image and pair that with what it finds on the web to deliver enriched product data.

You can also enter any details you have into the fields below and click on the globe button here to kickstart the product enrichment process, which usually happens in an instant.

Manual Web Search

This method involves manually searching the web for additional information about your product. This could be from competitor sites, marketplaces, forums and reviews where you can pick out attributes that customers mention frequently.

Data Enrichment Services

Another option is to hire a third-party service provider. Experts will research and enrich your existing data from various sources, taking that task off your team's plate.

Best Practices for Product Data Enrichment

Prioritize Top Selling Products

Apply the 80/20 rule—start by enriching the top 20% of products generating 80% of your sales. These are your star performers with the highest competition. Dedicate time to fleshing out details that give them an edge.

Fill in the Blanks

Look for gaps in existing data like missing size guides, technical specs or certifications. Customers rely on this information to make informed purchases and minimize returns. Study their demographics to understand what details would be most relevant.

Keep it concise

Avoid overcomplicating things by stuffing descriptions with too much jargon or unnecessary details. Keep it clear, concise and focused on highlighting key benefits and uses.

Leverage AI & Tools

AI-powered enrichment tools can save you tons of time and effort. They automatically clean data, fix errors, standardize values and generate rich product descriptions from technical specs. With features like automated categorization, they ensure consistent and reliable product data at scale.

Prioritize Visuals

Don't just focus on text. High-quality images and videos are crucial for giving customers a comprehensive understanding of your products. Showcase multiple angles, product dimensions and use cases through rich media.

Optimize for Search

Incorporate relevant keywords and key phrases into titles, descriptions and tags to improve search visibility. But balance this with a natural tone that doesn't seem stuffed with keywords. Use tools to suggest high-volume, relevant terms.

Review & Refine

Always review your enriched data and adjust parameters to refine results. Keep track using unique identifiers like SKUs or model numbers. Link to manufacturer sites as authoritative sources. Test different attribute combinations in tags for better discoverability.

Enrich Your Product Content With AI in Bulk

Streamline Bulk Enrichment

Keeping your eCommerce product catalog up-to-date and optimized is crucial, but manually enriching data descriptions for hundreds of thousands of products can be a massive time drain.

With AI-powered bulk data enrichment tools like Hypotenuse AI, you can streamline this tedious process and generate high-quality product content at scale.

It allows you to import your entire product catalog in your preferred format, set your preferred tone and guidelines, and let the AI get to work researching and enriching titles, descriptions, metadata, and more for every single item.

Tailor Content to Your Brand Voice

One key advantage of AI content generation is consistency. The AI algorithms learn and mimic your specified brand voice, ensuring all product pages have a unified, on-brand feel that provides a smooth customer experience.

At the same time, Hypotenuse AI and other tools can introduce variety across different products, highlighting unique features and benefits to keep things engaging. You get both cohesive branding and distinct selling points.

Optimize for Search and Conversions

Beyond just filling content gaps, AI-enriched product descriptions are great for SEO. Top bulk generation tools like Hypotenuse AI optimize metadata and incorporate relevant keywords to help your listings get discovered through search.

Well-written descriptions can also improve conversions by giving customers all the details they need to make an informed purchase decision. Carefully enriching their catalog pays dividends through higher-ranking search visibility and increased sales.

Embrace AI and Scale Efficiently

Leveraging AI for bulk product content enrichment allows your team to work exponentially faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods. 

You can rapidly expand your product line, launch new collections, and keep everything optimized with less tedious busy work. Just be sure to introduce human oversight at every step of the process.


Ecommerce data enrichment is a powerful way to improve your online store's product pages and overall customer experience.

Structured data and machine-readable specs ensure your items get found and displayed properly across channels. And optimizing titles, descriptions, attributes, and more helps connect customers with the right products faster.

While it takes some work, the payoff in higher conversions, lower returns, and boosted SEO is tremendous. If you’d like to explore automated product data enrichment, reach out to us at

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