AI-Generated, Human-Perfected: How Hypotenuse and Proofed Deliver Content at Scale

Last updated:
March 15, 2024

Content creation is a time-consuming and costly process.

What if you can have a dedicated team of human editors trained to optimize AI-generated content for your brand—on-demand and at scale?

Good news—we have made this a reality.

Our partnership with Proofed brings together the power of AI-generated content and the unparalleled sophistication of professional human editing.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Generate Content at Scale With Hypotenuse's AI

Hypotenuse's AI generates content at scale so you can focus on what really matters—perfecting your message. Our cutting-edge natural language generation creates initial drafts of blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, and more based on your guidelines.

Say you need 50 short social posts and 10 in-depth blog posts this month. No problem! Our AI will generate on-topic content tailored to your brand in the appropriate style, tone, and voice.This AI-generated content gives you a starting point so you can then perfect the final details.

Step 2: Expert Editing and Refinement From Proofed's AI-Editors

Once the AI has generated your initial content, Proofed's team of AI-editors refine and perfect it. Their expert human editors review the AI's work and make any necessary edits to improve the reading experience, ensure accuracy, and elevate the quality.

While AI can generate content at scale, human editors add the critical, final flourishes. They evaluate things like word choice, tone, and syntax to connect with your target audience on an emotional level. The AI-editors also double check facts and statistics, ensuring complete accuracy in the content. Their expert input helps transform AI drafts into authentic, impactful content, perfected for your needs.

Step 3: Get Published!

With the combined power of Hypotenuse's AI content generation and Proofed's AI-editor refinement, you can easily create high volumes of custom content, expertly honed and perfected for your needs. AI meets human, working together seamlessly to elevate your content creation process.

Seamless Collaboration Between AI and Humans

perfected ai
Hypotenuse AI x Proofed

Hypotenuse's AI generates initial content drafts at scale, then Proofed's human editors review, refine and perfect the content. This combination of AI and human expertise results in high-quality, customized content for your business.

Through this collaborative process, Hypotenuse’s AI provides content at scale while Proofed’s human editors provide customization and quality control. Your content receives the benefits of automation and human expertise. The end result is content crafted for your unique needs, audiences and business goals.

This powerful combination of AI generation and human editing allows you to elevate your content creation. You get high volumes of quality, customized content to power your marketing, publishing and internal communications. The seamless collaboration between AI and humans makes this an efficient, cost-effective solution for any content needs.

With Hypotenuse and Proofed, you get the best of both worlds—technology and talent working together.

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