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What is a text-to-image generator?

How our AI image generator works

Trained by millions of images on the web and guided by professional artists and graphic designers, our AI has an extensive knowledge of every topic, subject, and situation under the sun. Get a unique, highly personalised image with just a single prompt.

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AI-generated Image Examples

Captivating images created by our AI image generator

We often struggle to find the right image — some aren’t free to use, others aren’t captivating enough and most are either irrelevant or inappropriate.

Using the Hypotenuse image generator saves you the the time spent creating your own graphics, designing your own pictures or hiking through the web in search of that perfect image.

If you’re interested to see what type of images our AI can create, here are a couple of examples our AI Image Generator has created.

Professional photo of an electric vehicle in action, highlighting performance, sustainability features, and futuristic design.
Watercolor painting of a cute Pine Warbler, full body length, centered image, surrounded by nature
A high-resolution image of a luxury real estate property to showcase its unique features and amenities.
Capture a hiking experience on snow-capped mountains through realistic photographs. 
Dynamic photography portrait of a robot, golden ornate armor, elegant, digital painting, octane 4k render, illustration on Artstation
A high-quality image featuring the latest clothing collection on a female model in an outdoor environment.

Use cases

A good picture is worth a thousand words. AI generated images have the ability to turn a thousand words into a million. Whether you’re writing an article, building a webpage, or running an ad campaign, build up an instant library of creatives and resources to fully express yourself.

For Marketers

Distinguish yourself from the competition with one of a kind pictures that speak to the heart of your audience. Supercharge your marketing collateral ideas.

For Artists and Designers

Inspire and fuel creativity. Use AI generated images to springboard your ideas and kickstart the creation process. Don't start from a blank canvas.

For Entrepreneurs

Unlock and express the ideas you have without huge budgets. Build your brand, spread the word and communicate your message with unique images for your website or product.

How to use the AI image generator

Step 1: Log in to Hypotenuse AI and enter our HypoArt text-to-image generator
Step 2: Enter your prompt in the field and adjust the style you prefer
Step 3: Hit generate and HypoArt will deliver stunning images
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What is an AI image generator?

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How does the Hypotenuse AI Image Generator work?

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