How Hypotenuse AI integrated with PIM system to generate product descriptions at scale

Hypotenuse AI seamlessly integrated into our customer's PIM system to automatically generate thousands of product descriptions, helping them create content at scale.
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Our customer, a world leading cocoa products manufacturer, manages an extensive product catalog and has always struggled with the slow speed of manual content creation. With only 40 content creators on staff for over 50,000 products, the team found it challenging to meet demands while maintaining desired quality. By integrating seamlessly with our customer's PIM system, Hypotenuse AI generated tailored product pages with titles, descriptions, and unique specifications that helped the company boost output over tenfold and improve customer reach.

The Problem

Manual content creation is slow

Not only is manual content creation time-consuming, but it also becomes increasingly difficult to meet the demands as the catalog grows. With only 40 content creators on their staff and over 50,000 products, the process becomes overwhelming.

Scaling content creation with PIM is challenging

While the PIM system provided a centralized platform to manage product information, it did not offer a comprehensive solution for automating content creation. Without the ability to seamlessly generate content in line with their brand guidelines and product details, our customer struggled to meet the demands of their growing catalog.

The Solution

Our customized solution empowered our customer to overcome the limitations of manual content creation by fully leveraging the capabilities of their product information management (PIM) system. We integrated our artificial intelligence models into their existing PIM system, enabling them to:

  • Scale product descriptions and specifications. With just a product title, Hypotenuse can produce a product description highlighting key specifications. The team simply reviews and publishes.
  • Automate blog and landing page content. Hypotenuse can suggest relevant blog post topics and content outlines based on ongoing trends and product catalog. It then generates a first draft for approval.
  • Improve paid advertising copy. For search, social and display ads, Hypotenuse can generate engaging headlines and ad copy to capture attention and drive clicks.
  • Reduce content creation costs. By automating much of the initial content drafting, the team can minimize the hours required by human writers and editors. This allows them to scale content to more products and channels at a lower cost.

An AI solution that integrates with your PIM

Rather than hiring an army of contract writers, Hypotenuse AI integrated directly with our customer's product information management (PIM) system. We also built custom AI models trained on thousands of product descriptions provided by our Customer to learn the specific format, style, and specifications of similar products. By connecting Hypotenuse to their PIM, it can instantly access all the details for each product and generate tailored content for any new products.

The results were remarkable. With the implementation of Hypotenuse AI, our customer experienced a tenfold increase in content creation speed. This not only saved significant time and resources but also enabled them to meet the demands of their expanding catalog effortlessly. Additionally, the time-to-market reduced by a staggering 72%, allowing for quicker product launches and enhanced customer engagement.

Generate diverse content aligned with your brand

Our AI-powered solution also seamlessly generated a wide range of professional content tailored specifically to their brand. By leveraging this AI-powered solution, our customer bid farewell to the tedious and time-consuming manual content creation process.

Our AI solution produced a variety of high-quality, on-brand content that covered their entire product catalog. We generated over 500 unique product pages that showcased the key attributes of each offering:

  • Detailed product descriptions of 200-300 words that highlighted the main specifications in an engaging manner tailored to their customer persona.
  • Optimized product titles ranging from 50-75 characters in length that incorporated their brand's tone of voice and keyword strategy.
  • Neatly formatted bullet points listing the specifications for each item, making it easy for customers to compare products and find what they are looking for.

SEO-optimized for search engines

This extensive product content library enabled our customer to immediately populate their ecommerce store and marketing materials with on-brand, customer-centric content at scale. The content was optimized for search engines with relevant keywords, metadata, internal linking, and semantic content that matched their customers’ search intent.

With Hypotenuse AI, our customer achieved:

  • 50,000+ product descriptions generated in under 1 week. These included titles, bullet points, and 2-3 sentences describing each product.
  • Over 100 blog posts on various product categories and related content produced in the first month. The posts were 500 to 1,000 words each.
  • 30 Landing pages for hundreds of product collections created within days. The pages included meta title and descriptions, curated products, catalog details, and more.

An AI tool integrated with your PIM is a smart solution for ecommerce companies looking to accelerate content generation and better leverage product data. With Hypotenuse, you gain a scalable solution to produce high quality content faster, increase conversion rates, and boost sales.

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