How Hypotenuse AI helped a beverage company differentiate from competitors

This holiday season, Hypotenuse AI crafted compelling product descriptions to help differentiate a major beverage company’s limited-edition seasonal drinks.
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The holidays are fast approaching and you've got a new seasonal product line launching that needs robust and compelling product descriptions before going live on your ecommerce site. Writing dozens of unique descriptions that capture the essence and differentiators of each product is a time-consuming task for you and your team. Not to mention ensuring each description includes important keywords to rank well in search results.

Hypotenuse AI helped one major beverage company tackle this challenge. Around the holidays, our Customer wanted to release a variety of limited-edition seasonal drinks but struggled to create unique product descriptions that would help their offerings stand out. For this seasonal release, Hypotenuse AI created over 100 product descriptions in just a day, helping them launch their seasonal line on schedule and enabling them to focus their time on other strategic initiatives.

The Problem

One of the biggest challenges with seasonal merchandise is deciding what to sell. Seasonal items are obvious drivers of portfolio growth in the beverage industry, but the product descriptions must be written with purpose to ensure effectiveness. With an abundance of choices in the market, it is crucial for brands to not only offer seasonal products but also effectively communicate their unique selling points to potential customers.

To achieve this, brands often face the daunting task of creating numerous unique descriptions that not only capture the essence of each product but also differentiate them from competitors. However, manually writing unique descriptions for each product can be time-consuming and difficult to scale, especially when considering the need to incorporate important keywords for better search engine visibility.

The Solution

The company turned to Hypotenuse AI to generate tailored descriptions for over 100 new seasonal beverages. Hypotenuse AI seamlessly incorporated the company’s brand voice and key SEO terms into creative descriptions that highlighted what made each drink special.

With just a few inputted product attributes and target keywords, Hypotenuse AI's tool generates compelling and unique descriptions at the click of a button. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures that each description highlights the special features of the product and embodies the brand's unique voice.

The first step was analyzing competitor products and descriptions to identify common themes and adjectives used. This provided a framework for the company's own seasonal products. For the limited-edition winter drinks, specific details were added about the flavors that evoked feelings of coziness, warmth and nostalgia during the holidays. Descriptions focused on flavors like gingerbread, peppermint, eggnog and spices, and highlighted key differentiators like unique flavor combinations, premium ingredients and limited availability. For example:

  • A cozy autumn delight, our limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Latte blends rich espresso with velvety steamed milk and warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Topped with a dollop of frothy foam and a dusting of pumpkin pie spice, this comforting fall treat is perfect for crisp mornings.
  • A delightful seasonal beverage that captures the essence of winter is our limited-edition White Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Made with velvety white chocolate and infused with refreshing peppermint flavor, indulge in the rich and creamy goodness of this winter treat for a touch of holiday magic!

The company was thrilled with the results. Thanks to Hypotenuse AI, they were able to scale their product description creation process while maintaining both quality and consistency. The humorous and engaging descriptions helped their seasonal products stand out, leading to a significant boost in click-through and conversion rates.

By leveraging Hypotenuse AI to quickly produce engaging product descriptions, the company was able to release a wider variety of options to capture more sales and better compete during a crucial time of year.

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