How Hypotenuse AI helped Fortune 500 brand create stellar product copy

Our AI extracted accurate product data to automatically generate on-brand product descriptions, titles, and listings for over 20,000 products.
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Our customer is a Fortune 500 clothing retailer and market leader in their category. With 100,000+ products coming from hundreds of big and small vendors, their biggest challenge was the lack of structured or consistent product data that the product team could reliably refer to. Using Content Detective, our Hypotenuse AI writer automatically extracted product data from multiple online sources and used the information to generate completely formatted and SEO optimized product descriptions, drastically reducing both research and copy creation time.

The Challenge

Product copy not discoverable by users

Over 30% of our customer’s catalog had 0 views due to poor discoverability. Because consumers rely heavily on search functionality to find specific products, it is challenging for search engines and algorithms to accurately match customer queries with relevant products without properly structured product data. This ultimately resulted in poor search rankings, decreased visibility, and lost sales for our customer.

Missing key attributes in product descriptions

Products have a ton of attributes (material, size, comfort, fit, fashion, et al). Even with a centralized PIM, products were missing key attributes and the production team was spending countless hours manually researching and rewriting product descriptions.

Enforcing consistent brand guidelines for large teams

Our customer had a bespoke brand voice and custom style and format for writing product copy. But with a large content team of internal copywriters and contractors, it was a challenge to maintain a consistent style of writing and structure.

The Solution

Leveraging Hypotenuse AI’s Content Detective and Bespoke brand voice capabilities, we successfully produced complete, consistent and highly optimized product descriptions leading to increased sales for our customer.

Automated product research and enrichment

If you know anything about generative AI, you should know that most AI tools including ChatGPT are limited by the static data they’re trained on. We originally developed Content Detective as a tool for writers to research on specific topics and keywords for factual, real-time information with source citations.

We then evolved Content Detective for our enterprise customers to be able to research on specific product terms. With the help of Content Detective, our customer is now able to research and extract product attributes directly from several trusted sources. And using the extracted product information, Hypotenuse AI automatically generates rich and accurate product content, including titles, descriptions, and specifications.

This means that retail brands can rely on accurate and standardized product information, regardless of the quality of the input data. Our customer now has 100% catalog discoverability, with significant savings on time and resources while ensuring that their product information is both accurate and engaging.

AI trained to your bespoke brand tone of voice

Our customer had recently completed a complete rebrand of their website and developed a new brand guide — rules for formatting (length, bullet points), style (grammar, speaking to a specific target audience), compliance (legal rules, trademarks, logos).

Hypotenuse AI took existing on-brand content and context from our customer to train and develop a custom AI that learned their unique voice, tone, style and rules. We started with a few internal documents and website links, and over a 2-week period iterated on the output directly with the customer.

The bespoke AI writer can now take the product information extracted by Content Detective and write a product copy that is completely unique to our customer’s brand tone of voice.

Bulk export and SEO-optimized content

Most AI tools are decent at generating one product description, but lack any workflows relevant for enterprises that have a massive catalog. To address this, Hypotenuse built bulk workflows to generate product descriptions for an entire catalog within a matter of minutes.

The import and export process is seamless using either CSV files or an API, that can directly integrate into your PIM or CMS. This feature enabled our customer to effortlessly transfer and enhance their product data between different systems and platforms.

Using our product description generator, Hypotenuse AI automatically optimized the content for search engine optimization (SEO). We built several custom AI writers for our customer, each specializing in a specific category or brand. Each AI writer was trained to parse dozens of product attributes and automatically pick up several attributes to highlight while catering to two different end customers (user and search bots).

The customer saw an increase in their organic SEO page views leading to higher conversions.

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